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What You Didn't Know About the History of Hair Styling

What You Didn’t Know About
  the History of Hair Styling

As you can probably imagine, hair styling has a long and interesting history.

Hairdressing is the art of arranging the hair or otherwise said, practically modifying its natural state. Hair styling has become a very important step in grooming and dressing up for both sexes, serving as a means to change and enhance the appearance. Nowadays, hair styling is a billion dollar business that encompasses a wide range of products, tools and services.

About the Brush & Comb Trivia

One of the first tools used for styling hair was probably the hair brush. The earliest hair brushes were similar to the type used over two million years ago to paint images, like the ones seen in the cave paintings found in Perigord, France and Altamira, Spain.

What You Didn’t Know About
  the History of Hair Styling

In 1906, on New Year's Day, Alfred C. Fuller, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Nova Scotia, started the Fuller Brush Company from a bench located between the furnace and the coal bin in the basement of his sister's New England home.

Also, camel hair brushes aren’t made of camel's hair - they are actually named after the inventor, Mr. Camel.

On November 15, 1898, African American, Lyda D Newman patented a new and improved brush.

About the Hair Spray

The concept of an aerosol spray originated as early as 1790, when self-pressurized carbonated beverages were introduced in France.

Two researchers from the Department of Agriculture, Lyle David Goodhue and W. N. Sullivan, developed a small aerosol can pressurized by a liquefied gas (a fluorocarbon) in 1943. In fact, it was their design that made products like hair spray possible, along with the work of one other inventor named Robert Abplanal.

In 1953, Robert Abplanal invented a crimp-on valve "for dispensing gases under pressure." This put the manufacture of aerosol spray can products into high gear as Abplanal had created the first clog-free valve for spray cans.

About the Hair Styling Tools

Bobby pins were first introduced to America in 1916. Also, the very first hair dryers were vacuum cleaners adapted for drying hair. Alexandre Godefoy invented the first electric hair dryer in 1890. Thermo hair curlers were invented by African American inventor Solomon Harper in 1930. The pressing/curling iron was patented by Theora Stephens on October 21, 1980. Charles Nestle invented the first perm machine in the early 1900s. Early permanent wave machines used electricity and various liquids to perm hair and were difficult to use.

What You Didn’t Know About the History of Hair Styling

About the Hair Dye

The founder of L'Oreal, French chemist Eugene Schueller, invented the first synthetic hair dye in 1907. He named his new hair dye product "Aureole".

About the Baldness Treatment

On February 13, 1979, Charles Chidsey received a patent for a treatment for male baldness. U.S. Patent 4,139,619 was issued on February 13, 1979. Chidsey was working for the Upjohn Company.



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