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Smart Hair Care Tips for Men

The Spring/Summer season is a great excuse to start new, whether it’s renewing your wardrobe, making a positive change in your life, or making sure your hair is properly taken care of. Your hair is the first thing that gets noticed about you, so, guys, make sure to start this season off on the right foot by following these smart hair care tips!

Smart Hair Care Tips for Men

Obviously, a healthy looking, well-maintained hair starts with a great looking haircut, however that's just the beginning.

So, have a look at some hair care tips for men that will help you out:

Never over- wash

A general mistake that most men make is that they wash their hair way too frequently. In case you have dry and coarse hair, try limiting washing to just twice a week and always include a conditioner in your hair care routine for smoother, healthier looking hair.

Pat your hair dry

Apparently men seem to think that the harder they rub their hair after washing the quicker it’ll dry. In reality though, a harsh towel drying technique will only cause breakage.

Avoid excessive blow drying

Blow drying is also a common cause of damage to the hair. Excessive blow drying can dry out the hair and scalp. In case you must use a blow dryer, apply a thermal styling spray or detangler to coat the hair and protect it from damage. Also, make sure to use a wide-tooth comb to prevent pulling, and always leave the hair slightly damp.

Stay away from at-home chemical treatments

It is highly recommended that you avoid at-home chemical products and instead look for a good stylist for such services. A stylist will know how to properly prepare your hair and choose the best products for your hair type. And the results from a trained professional will speak for themselves.

The right tools are a must

Never use a brush on wet hair, especially that wet hair is the most vulnerable. So, when combing through wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb and gently work out any tangles.

Smart Hair Care Tips for Men

Less is more

Another one of the common hair mistakes that men make is using too much hair product. Excessive gel, hair spray or hair wax will make your hair look heavy and unnatural. So, it’s best to go for less product in order to have a natural looking hair.

Healthy is appealing

Your hair health is a reflection of your lifestyle. Therefore it’s important to send the right message. Hair care for men includes eating well, getting plenty of exercise, drinking water, getting enough sleep and staying positive.

Say goodbye to frizz

Low moisture and protein in the hair can cause frizz. To minimize this problem, use a good moisturizing conditioner. For best result book an appointment at your favorite hair salon for a well-deserved, professional Keratin Treatment. Your hair will look and feel amazing!

Avoid tight hats and ponytails

A tight hat or ponytail can cause "traction alopecia", a condition in which hair is pulled out of the scalp. A tight hat or ponytail can also cause damage to the cuticle and breakage. So, try to limit the wear of hats and tight ponytails.

Get a trim

If you want to have a stylish look and a healthy hair, then make sure to get a haircut every four to six weeks. As a word of advice, try to get a morning-appointment, your stylist will be in a fresh mood which will be great for your hair. ;)

Look your best and you’ll get noticed!


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