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Pre-Party Grooming Tips Men Need to Know About for the Holidays

Party season is fast approaching, and although when it comes to party prep tips we tend to only consider women, men shouldn’t forget their grooming rituals either.

To be well prepared, and look your best at every office party, gatherings and Holiday party you may be attending, here are some helpful grooming tips:

Pre-Party Grooming
  Tips Men Need to Know About for the Holidays

Exfoliate and freshen up your skin the day before the party

Exfoliating your skin is the fastest and most effective way to freshen your skin for a night out. By removing dead cells that sit on the skin’s surface to expose fresh, plump ones beneath, you’ll automatically look healthier and perkier.

The other advantage of exfoliating before a night out is that you will be left with a smooth, polished surface on which to apply the rest of your appearance-enhancing regime while avoiding the risk of redness.

Get a fresh cut

When it comes to a fresh appearance keep in mind that a new haircut can dramatically change your overall look and style - therefore party season the perfect time to try out a new trim.

Whatever haircut and style you may have in mind, always seek the advice of a stylist or a barber, who will be able to suggest a guaranteed head-turner based on your lifestyle, the events in your calendar and, most importantly, your face shape.

Details are important

When preparing for an event make sure to never overlook the smaller details of your appearance when heading out. At this time of year, few details such as your fingernails, that may seem less important can make or break a party season look. At a party you will obviously have drinks or food, which means your digits are on constant display.

While ensuring your nails are clean and neatly trimmed, don’t forget about the rest of your hand care. Another thing to pay attention to is your breath and rogue ear and nose hair. Neglect this details and the rest of your appearance won’t matter as much anymore. Just think about it this way: the entire ‘package’ counts, with all the details included.

Fresh hair is a must

During the Holiday party season your schedule will become busier than before, ending up at parties straight from the office - which means you should look your best even after a day of work. A great help in keeping your hair looking clean and fresh is the dry shampoo that has become increasingly popular with men who want to skip greasy hair and look presentable even when they don’t have the time to wash their hair on daily basis.

Dry shampoos are perfect for creating a fresh base for styling products and absorbing excess oil when you don’t have time for a shower; simply spray at the roots and create your desired look as normal.

Give winter skin a healthy, summery appearance

Chances are you could use a little color on your skin, therefore opting for sunless tan is a great idea. However, healthier alternative to sizzling yourself on a sunbed, achieving a healthy self-tan you need is as simple as smearing on a bronzing serum in the days running up to an event and letting the active ingredients subtly darken the skin.

Of course, you’ll want to exfoliate first to avoid any patchiness, and moisturize daily so that the tan fades evenly over time. Or you could take consult a professional to do the work for you.

Additionally remember to hydrate and get some sleep in between work and parties and you’ll have a great time enjoying the Holidays to the fullest.

Also, don’t leave the salon, barber shop appointments to the last minute, remember it’s a busy season for everyone. Be smart about it, contact your favorite salon and book the appointments ahead of time.

In Florida, we can recommend HairVenture Salon - a great hair salon/barber salon with excellent professionals who guarantee you’ll leave the salon with the desired results.

From their signature haircuts to skin treatments and color services, HairVenture’s In-Salon Barber Shop’s attention to detail and personal touches make all the difference you are looking for. In addition to the customary cut, their stylists offer consultative services to properly craft the image you seek.

HairVenture’s stylists and barbers are all well trained, blending old school techniques with the latest styles and trends, so you receive a fresh, one-of-a-kind look tailored look just for you. You’ll walk out with confidence and a smile on your face.

To contact HairVenture, please click here.

Happy Holiday Party Season! ☺


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