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How to Look Amazing For the Holidays

The festive season is here so it’s time to start renewing up for the Holidays. And, the perfect way to stay on top of all the festivities is to start your beauty preparations early. It is never too soon to glam up your look for the inspiring season ahead. Here are few simple ways that will help you add some serious glamour to your holiday look.

How to Look Amazing For the Holidays

Exfoliate your face

Frequent exfoliation clears dead cells from the surface of your skin. When they build up, these cells can give your complexion a dull and dry appearance. The easiest way to exfoliate is to gently scrub your face with a mesh facial sponge. Regular exfoliation will bring your skin a clean, fresh and healthy glow. In case you have never tried this, you’ll likely see prompt improvement. It’s also a great idea to exfoliate lips on daily basis. Just rub them gently with a rough, damp washcloth and follow with moisturizer.

Opt for highlighter

If you want to add instant radiance to your face, a good highlighter can deliver the desired results. Applied strategically, it will give you a shining glow. Make sure to use it under eyes, on brow bones, along the nose and on cheekbones. You’ll see: a little goes a long way.

Get your eyebrows done

A professional brow treatment can make a great difference in how you look. And once you have an outline, it will be simple to maintain it yourself.

Add some shimmer

Glitter, shimmer and glow are buzzwords for this season’s most festive looks. Some pale, shimmery metallic shadow applied to the inner corners of your eyes will definitely make your eyes pop.

Go for smokey eyes

Simmering eyes are awesome right now. It may take a little bit of time to get the smokey eye just right, however if you start practicing now, you’ll have it down in time for the holiday parties and gatherings. Just make sure to keep the rest of your makeup minimal so you don’t look overdone.

Try eyelash extensions

In case you love the smokey eyes but don’t have the time to put on all that eye makeup, you’ll love lash extensions. These lashes look truly real, as they are attached individually to your own lashes and last for about six weeks. The best part is that they make it look like you’re wearing eye makeup, even when you are not. And this could come in handy in the busy festive season.

Go for red lips

Shades of red on lips are everywhere this season. From cherry and brick to wine and crimson, the possibilities are endless. However, be aware that red lips require meticulous application. The secret of wearing red lips to best effect is the same as with Smokey eyes - just keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

Wear minimal makeup with extra blush

Just in case you tend to be a minimal makeup kind of girl, you can still boost your festive look with blush. Apply it down the slope of your nose, on your chin and on your cheeks. It will give you the healthy glow you get when you’ve been outside in the cold and walk into a warm room.

Although the Holidays can sometimes be chaotic, remember to take time for yourself. Try out a new look whether it’s with makeup, hair or clothes. You need to see how the new look suits you so you can be prepared properly.

And, remember to enjoy the Holiday season, there’s nothing like it!

If you want professional services in order to achieve professional in-salon beauty results, make an appointment at HairVenture Salon & Spa, here:, and they will take care of all your beauty needs in time for the Holidays!


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