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Hair & Beauty Care Schedule Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here, so let’s start the season right with some beauty basics and planning ahead for all the parties and gatherings we look forward so much to attend.

If you want to look your best this Holiday season, it’s important to start watching out for some basic beauty care steps that will make all the difference. Let’s start from tops down:

Hair & Beauty Care Schedule Before Thanksgiving

Hair care


I bet you’ve read about all the hair care tips you could find, but did you actually start implementing at least some of them into your daily hair care routine? If you are like many ladies out there, you may have skipped some of them due to the busy schedule you have on daily basis. So, just a kindly reminder to get back to that shampoo-condition-hydrate hair care routine - otherwise you may end up with dull, dry hair you can do nothing with when invited to your office party. So, after shampooing, always use a conditioner and/or a hydrating hair mask and obviously heat protector is you are using a blow dryer. I always opt for a leave-in conditioner as well because this ensures longer hydration, which is exactly what your hair needs in the cooler season.

Trim and color

One or two weeks before Thanksgiving, make sure you have an appointment at the salon so you can get a trim and a fresh color. Whether it’s just root touchups or simply adding some highlights and/or lowlights, you need something new and fresh.

Hair Treatment

While at the salon ask your stylist for a hair treatment. I recommend the Kerastase deep conditioning in-salon hair treatments - they do wonders to your dried out hair. These concentrated in-salon ritual treatments are usually customized for your needs, so your hair will get the exact treatment it needs in order to regain its health, shine and beauty.

Hair & Beauty Care Schedule Before Thanksgiving

Skin Care

Face & Body

Once your hair is taken care of, it’s time to focus on your skin. A facial is a definite must, but not 2 days before Thanksgiving. Visit your skin care therapist at least a week before Thanksgiving. You can also ask for advice on what skin care products are best for your skin type, so you can start a skin care routine at home. You can’t neglect daily skin care. Proper hydration is not optional for a healthy, beautiful skin. The same goes for your body as well, so get proper body care products, hydrate your skin and opt for regular massages. Daily exercise will also help your skin look beautiful.

For daily skin care I recommend trying the Dermalogica skin care products, they are my favorite and work wonders on your skin. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide.

Hair & Beauty Care Schedule Before Thanksgiving

Nail Care

Hands & Feet

Our hands and nails reveal the most about our lifestyle and so a finish polished look is our most complimentary accessory especially around the Holidays when we attend to so many parties and gatherings and we meet so many people. So, make sure to get a beautiful manicure and pedicure and don’t hesitate to experiment with new colors and prints. As your nail technician what’s trending when it comes to beautiful nails, and pick your favorite style. Let even your nails express your personality through colors, shape and beauty.

Hair & Beauty Care Schedule Before Thanksgiving

And after you take care of all of the above, try to relax and enjoy this wonderful season, the parties the gatherings with family and friends and simply have a great Thanksgiving.

Remember, when you look your best you are confident, and when you are confident you can have the best time wherever you need to show up. Don’t end up turning down invitations to Thanksgiving gatherings and fun parties just because you aren’t looking great, and your hair and nails are a mess. Plan ahead for beauty, plan ahead for a great time!

Happy Thanksgiving! ☺


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