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10 Best Tips on How to Make Your Hair Color Last Long

Color treated hair doesn’t have to look great and shiny only for a week after professionally having it colored at the salon. Your vibrant hair color can last much longer if you take proper care of it.

To help protect your hair color and keep your hair looking gorgeous, here are some tips for you to adopt when it comes to your hair care routine.

10 Best Tips
  on How to Make Your Hair Color Last Long

1. Wait before you wash your hair

After having your hair colored at the salon wait at least 24 hours before washing it as this allows the dye to settle into the hair, therefore last longer.

2. Wash your hair in the right places

Make sure to focus on washing and cleansing your hair at your root and not on the middle to ends of the hair because this will strip your color over time.

3. Color treated hair needs less frequent shampooing

To prevent shampooing wash away your vibrant color, you need to wash your hair less often. To retain those natural oils that help condition your color-treated hair, shampoo only two or three times per week, and never more than every other day. This will help your hair color last longer and help keep your colored hair healthy.

10 Best Tips
  on How to Make Your Hair Color Last Long

4. Use lukewarm water when shampoo

When you wash your hair, stick to cooler water temperatures because hot water leeches dye out of hair faster and strips the color.

5. Don’t use clarifying shampoos

Try to stay away from clarifying shampoos because they strip the hair. Also, dandruff shampoos can do the same if they are not specifically designed for color-treated hair.

6. Condition when you shampoo

Every time you shampoo condition your color-treated hair as well with a color-protecting conditioner. Conditioned hair will help your color look shinier and more even. Even if you have fine hair, condition the tips as they are the most damaged.

7. Apply leave-in treatments to protect color-treated hair

Using a leave-in conditioning treatment will help detangle your hair as well as protect it from heat tools. Make sure to look for leave-in conditioners that are specially formulated to protect color-treated hair. This is especially important in case you frequently use blow dryers, curling or straightening irons or if you spend a lot of time near a heater or in the sun.

8. Avoid heat on your hair as much as possible

Dyed hair is more susceptible to damage, therefore it is essential to avoid using blow dryers, curling irons or straightening irons as much as possible. Whenever it is possible, allow your color-treated hair dry naturally. However, in case you are going to use heat, after using your color-protecting shampoo and conditioner, apply a heat-protecting styling product as well. Keep your blow dryer on the lowest heat setting.

9. Avoid coloring your hair too often

Coloring your hair too often can cause damage, therefore don’t color your hair more than once every five to six weeks. When roots begin to show, don’t worry, there are plenty of products on the market that can help you get through until the next coloring appointment.

10. Get regular trims

In case your hair is damaged, make sure not to skip regular trims. Also, in case your dyed locks are frizzy, your hair may be damaged. The best way to keep your color-treated hair looking its healthiest is to get regular cuts or trims.

Well, now you know what you need to do to keep those strands shiny and beautiful. Enjoy your hair color for longer, and don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice from your favorite hair salon.

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