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Kerastase Treatments


Experience a luxurious Kerastase, deep conditioning in-salon ritual for the ultimate hair transformation. These concentrated in-salon ritual treatments are customized for your needs by our hair care specialists. They will select the appropriate in-salon ritual and prescribe a personalized home care maintenance program best suited to your hair and scalp needs.

Pre-Cleanse Nutritive

Pre-Cleanse nutrition replenishes extremely dry hair. This treatment is applied before the hair is cleansed and can be done while color is processing, delivers maximum nutritive performance with Irisome Complexe nourishes and envelops the hair fiber from root to tip and internally replenishing dry hair without unwanted weight.

Instant Rituals & Concentre Boosters

Fusio-Dose Customized Treatment system is designed as a instant treatment with boosters to target hair problems individually or all together at the same time, whether treating hair for dryness, hair that is weaken by over processing which needs strengthening, hair needing volume and density or to seal in hair color, giving shine and softness.

Intense Ritual Masque

Deep conditioning intense treatment for nourishment, moisture & shine. Complete and intense nutrition from roots to ends that locks nourishment deep into the fiber and protects hair from recurring drying-out process. This treatment is a thermal, applied and processed for 20mins.

24-Carat Indulgent Ritual

Beautifying oil treatment for all hair types. Revives the natural strength of hair and provides nourishment deep into the hair fiber which gives hair ultimate shine leaving hair feeling weightless. 20mins processing time.

Indulgent Chronologiste

Restorative treatment prefect for all hair & scalp types. Chronologiste is a complete rejuvenating cure for hair and scalp, naturally rich in essential amino-acids, proteins, minerals, caviar and vitamin E. Hair is left incredibly soft, supple and shiny with the hair fiber renewed, deeply nourished and strengthened also the scalp is regenerated, soothed and hydrated. Thermal processing 30mins.