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Curling & Perming

Curling Perming

From body waves to tight curls, new technology has helped perms come a long way, giving stylists a lot of versatility. Today's perms have built-in conditioners and advanced chemicals which are much gentler on hair. At HairVenture Salon, with our perms anyone with straight hair can now have gorgeous, bouncy curls.

There are many kinds of perms you can select from in order to match your personality and style. If straight hair seems boring to you and you feel the need for a change, perms are a great way to change your look.

A beautiful perm must be an artwork though, done by a skillful hairstylist. So to have a fabulous permed hairstyle, choose it in consultation with your professional stylist.

Whether it's hot perm (ceramic perm, digital perm, wave perm), cold perm (classic perm), Japanese perm or Korean perm, at HairVenture Salon we will meet your highest expectations and give you the curls, waves you have dreamt of since you were just a little girl.

Let your personality shine through your hair, through the hairstyle you opt for!