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You Can't get Supernatual from the Supermarket

You wouldn't do your own dental work or give yourself a tattoo, so why would you think it's ok to do your own hair color? - John C. Simpson-Director of Eductaion at Goldwell

Professional results are only available with a trained color professionals that will ensure the following:

  • Even Color Results:
    Your color service is specific to your hair's condition and porosity – the only way to guarantee even, natural-looking, superior color results.
  • One size Does Not fit it all:
    Your stylist chooses a developer lotion, depending on what you want to achieve. Box color is "one size fits all" – which may be too much or too little of what you need.
  • Customized Formulations:
    Your color is yours alone, not a generic flavor on a shelf. Your stylist creates your customized formulation by mixing two or three different colors together and combining with the perfect application technique. The result is the perfect shade that complements your skin tone and style.